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Encore Unique Boutique

Rating: 5

suhler Encore Unique Boutique

Besides the fabulous finds, what I love about Encore are the people - Tamara, the owner, LaRue, her mom, and...... the customers. Such a great group of personalities! The reason? Good taste, professional, caring service, and fun times are always a draw. And such an eclectic assortment of West Coast and locally designed clothing, jewelry, handbags, estate furnishings and more - new and fresh - every single time I walk in the door - every single time, I walk in amazed. This is the store my niece and best friend know about as well as local people I encounter who are looking for style and a bargain. I recommend going for the first time to Encore's Happy Hour on Friday. Then you'll meet all the great personalities at once - the merchandise as well as the rest of us!

Rating: 5

Ben Smith Encore Unique Boutique

Go say hi to Tamara, she'll take good care of you! Great place for finding unique gifts and interesting items you just wont find in other stores in the area. Another local business I'm glad to support.