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Hartman Hardware

Rating: 5

Wherewestand Hartman Hardware

Very friendly and over-the-top helpful.

When I spend money I want it to be spent locally and not at a big box store. I don't want to spend 15 minutes to find someone who might not know what they are talking about.

Mike and Lisa are awesome! We need to encourage small businesses by spending local in our communities!! The prices are reasonable and the help is top notch!

Rating: 3

Gbrown889 Hartman Hardware

Just don't try to get mower blades sharpened when they open at 8:00 as they advertise. Full services aren't available until after 9:00???????

Rating: 5

KPW Hartman Hardware

This family owned small town type business has great service - and prices that are more than fair. You don't have to walk up miles of aisles to find what you need; just ask MIke or Lisa, and they'll find it and tell you how to work it, install it, paint it or play with it. They are involved in the community, and are the kind of business people that make Shawnee a great place to live and work.